Reserve Wing Pouter Pigeons

Pouter Pigeons for sale
Amazing Pouter Pigeons for sale, black color reserve wing pouter pair with lovely opal gene. 

Uzbek pigeons

Uzbek pigeons for sale

Amazing Uzbek pigeons for sale with lovely yellow color

pigeons that are called "Tumbler pigeons" they play or Tumble in the air. What this means is they flip backwards in flight. Unlike Roller Pigeons which fly horizontally flipping forwards in flight by instinct, Tumblers fly rise up vertically while flipping backwards, doing it for fun! They are also the only breed that hit both wings together making a loud clapping sound right before they tumble! This sound can be heard from quite a long distance. They can do this for up to ten hours at a time without landing! If you want more information about the breeds feel free to look around the site for more info and Photos! If you want to buy a bird or talk to me directly